The new Entropic Information approach

The mass-energy-information equivalence principle


Landauer’s principle formulated in 1961 states that logical irreversibility implies physical irreversibility and demonstrated that information is physical.

A 2019 paper from Melvin M. Vopson establishes some theory for a mass-energy-information equivalence principle and proposes an experiment to test it, a experimental protocol for testing the mass–energy–information equivalence principle.

"Here we formulate a new principle of mass-energy-information equivalence proposing that a bit of information is not just physical, as already demonstrated, but it has a finite and quantifiable mass while it stores information".


 \(m_{bit}\)=\(kTln(2)\over c^2\)

The estimated mass of a bit of information
at T = 2.73K, mbit = 2.91 × 10-40 Kg.
 we obtain the information entropy of one bit S = kln(Ω) = kln(2).
"The total entropy of the system consists of the physical entropy, related to the non-information bearing states, and the information entropy, characteristic to the information bearing state".
Dr. Vopson said:
"This would be a eureka moment because it would change physics as we know it and expand our understanding of the universe. But it wouldn't conflict with any of the existing laws of physics.
"It doesn't contradict quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics or classical mechanics. All it does is complement physics with something new and incredibly exciting."



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